Successful presentation of paper of the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill 01.07.2015

The exposition of Krasnokamsk Paper Mill Branch of Goznak at the RosUpack International Exhibition of the Packing Industry that took place in Moscow in June, attracted a lot of attention of the visitors. The mill presented packing sorts of paper once again, brands -2 (grease and moisture resistant), (moisture resistant) and -2 (grease resistant) with the weight from 30 to 110 g per 1 m2, as well as their modifications:  -1 (grease and moisture resistant, grease resistance on one side) and -1 (grease resistant, grease resistance on one side).
The visitors of the exhibition showed great interest in the samples presented and co-operation conditions. As a result of the exhibition, the mill is negotiating with more than 20 companies about co-operation and supplies of packing paper of various kinds.
These sorts of paper are designed for manual and machine packing of various products, including food with increased moisture content and various grease degree, as well as for lining the containers for food and other products.
Today there are large enterprises both in Russia and abroad are among the loyal customers of packing paper of the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill; including RUSAL SAYANAL (laminating the packing paper with foil), TriumphPack (paper bags for automatic and manual bulk stock packaging), Dmitrovskiy rigiflex packaging plant (rigiflex packaging production), Paket-Service (fast food bags), Patex (production of paper bags, fast food packaging, food packaging), Budmaterials, Ukraine (packing of flour, bread and bakery),  INVEST VENTURES LTD, Georgia (application of packing paper in the food industry for the production of packaging material for bread, khachapuri etc.), Zaporozhpolymertara, Ukraine (packaging products for food).  
Please address one of the mills dealers regarding the paper supplies.
For detailed information about packaging sorts of paper please address the Realization and Marketing Department of the Mill by telephone: + 7 (34273) 28-666, 28-505 or 28-119; e-mail:
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