Paper of customary sizes

Copying paper

White multi-purpose office paper for laser and inkjet printing devices, copying equipment and fax machines. The paper suits the purpose of printing any documents and production of forms excellently.

“GOZNAK-COPY” paper is a guarantee of magnificent quality.
“GOZNAK-COPY” is high quality multi-purpose paper for laser and inkjet printing devices, copying equipment and fax machines. GOZNAK-COPY suits both one and two-sided copying. It is an excellent choice for presentations with color images, documents, forms and letters.
"COPY right" is the only paper in the world a real star is named after.
Dazzling white COPY right paper is not less than 146 CIE units and comparable to star brightness only. The chemical and electrostatic properties of COPY right paper allow to obtain high quality prints and copies. COPY right paper is packed according to the modern standards and contains the optimal quantity of moisture. Special packing helps protecting edges and corners of the paper sheets.
Copying paper has become a laureate of the all-Russia competition of the “100 Best Goods of Russia” program three times already.

The quality and safety of copying paper has been confirmed with a certificate of conformity with the GOST Russia certification system.

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