Information message of the Press-Service of Goznak 19.05.2016

On May 19, 2016 the reorganization procedure of one of the Russian companies was accomplished Federal State Unitary Enterprise was transformed into Joint Stock Company Goznak with 100% of shares belonging to the state. After the state registration, Joint Stock Company Goznak will be included in the list of strategic enterprises and strategic joint stock companies approved by Decree of the President of the Russian Federation dated August 04, 2004 No. 1009 About the adoption of the list of strategic enterprises and strategic joint stock companies.  
According to Decree of President of the Russian Federation No. 404 dated June 06, 2014 About Open Joint Stock Company Goznak, the company has carried out large-scale preparation for the reorganization while keeping up its work in normal conditions and executing orders at the times stated in contracts.
After the change of the business legal structure, the continuity and integrity of Goznak, a company that has been operating successfully for 198 years already, has been preserved. Goznaks history started in 1818 when the Expedition of Storing State Papers (Goznak since 1919) was founded by the Decree of Emperor Alexander I. The companys history has not been interrupted for a day in the legal sense or in the human dimension, which is not less important.
The Decree of President of the Russian Federation defined the companys traditional activity directions as priority areas for Goznak. Including the production of banknotes, subsidiary and commemorative coins, the State awards of the Russian Federation, forms of documents proving the identity of the citizen of the Russian Federation within the territory of our country and abroad, the State security papers, excise and special stamps, postage stamps, special sorts of security paper (including sorts with watermarks, forms of documents of strict accounting) the forms of which are approved by the President, the Government or Federal Executive Bodies of the Russian Federation.
Simultaneously, the list of priority activities of the company was extended. Personalization, storage and processing of documents in the interests of the state authorities was added to it. Goznak has been developing this new activity area successfully for the last few years. The Presidents Decree confirmed the importance of the work for the state document circulation.
By the order of Rosimuschestvo, Arkady Vladimirovich Trachuk has been appointed the General Director of Goznak.

The Board of Directors of Goznak has been determined in the number of 7 people. The members of the Board of Directors are:  
- Alexei Vladimirovich Moiseev, Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation (Chairman of the Board of Directors);
- Andrey Vladimirovich Glinov, Deputy Director of the Administrative Department of the Ministry of Finance of Russia;
- Arkady Vladimirovich Trachuk, General Director of Goznak;
-  Oleg Vladimirovich Dmitriev, Director of Corporate Governance and Legal Matters of Goznak;
- Georgy Ivanovich Luntovskiy, First Deputy Chairman of the Bank of Russia;
- Igor Yurievich Babushkin; Deputy Head of Rosimuschestvo;
- Sergey Igorevich Faingersh, Deputy Head of Division of reorganization of state institutions and assets management of Rosimuschestvo.
The accomplished reorganization of Goznak into a joint stock company with the 100 per cent shareholding of the state will contribute to application of cutting-edge technologies and best corporate management standards inherent to joint-stock companies.
Goznak is to become a market-oriented company able to develop additional activity directions, with better opportunities for adapting its activity to the constantly changing conditions of the market. Moreover, Goznak continues to stake on preserving and multiplying the traditions established as early as at the beginning of the 19th century when the Expedition of Storing State Papers was founded.
The company is starting its activity in the status of a joint stock company with a modernized corporate symbolics; its conceptual center is the new logo of Goznak. A graphic image of the eagle has been returned to the companys logo after a century.
The starting point for Goznaks logo development was the brand mark of the Expedition of Storing State Papers created in 1900 by Richard Zarrin, a well-known book artist who headed the Engraving and Artistic Department of the Expedition of Storing State Papers. The choice of the theme allowed to preserve the historical continuity in the companys symbolics.

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