A great city and terror 05.04.2017

The team of Goznak, each of us has perceived the terrible disaster that happened in Saint Petersburg on April 3, as his own personal tragedy. We express our heartfelt condolences to relatives of the people who died in the terrorist attack and our sympathy to those injured in it. In the very first minutes after the tragedy, our colleagues at the Saint Petersburg Paper Mill and Mint received restless telephone calls. Relatives, near ones and colleagues from Moscow, Perm, Krasnokamsk called them. Close threads connecting the eight enterprises of Goznak became stronger than ever. The tragedy did not shy away from Goznak. Irina Bugrova, an enamel artist of the Saint Petersburg Mint was in the blown-up carriage. She was travelling home together with her 19-year-old daughter. Irina Leonidovna is in hospital with head and leg injuries. Her daughter Nastia is in the same hospital. She suffered lighter injuries than her mother did. Fortunately, Irina and Nastia are not in the resuscitation department, and we hope for their speedy recovery. The team of Goznak will render help and support to Irina and her family. It is possible to heal the injuries, but it is not less difficult to overcome the psychological trauma suffered not only by those who were in the midst of the terrorist attack. On April 3, Saint Petersburg proved that it is a great city again. The citizens of Saint Petersburg demonstrated amazing unity, will, self-control and an ability of organize and render help even without a request for help. The city that survived many horrible years and trials in its history, has encountered the tragedy that came to many families of Saint Petersburg, with dignity. A great, unconquered city!
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