Goznak has opened a new site of production of banknote and special kinds of paper 28.09.2018

A new site of production of banknote and special kinds of paper was opened at the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill Branch of Joint Stock Company Goznak on September 28, 2018. Deputy Minister of Finance of the Russian Federation - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Goznak Alexey Moiseev, Deputy Chairman of the Government Minister of Industry, Business and Commerce of the Perm Region Alexey Chibisov and General Director of Goznak Arkady Trachuk took part in the official ceremony.  

Opening of the new site of production of banknote and special kinds of paper took place in the year of Goznaks 200th anniversary and, according to the General Director of the company Arkady Trachuk, heralded a new stage of the enterprise's development, After eight years, we created a production complex which is one of the leading ones in the world together with the design engineers, equipment suppliers and contractors.

The new production site embraces the whole cycle of banknote paper production, from cotton processing up to the preparation of finished paper for shipping to the printing factories.

The plant efficiency is up to 6.5 thousand tons of security paper per year. As a result, Goznak capacities of paper production increase for approximately 15 per cent.

The volume of production of the new plant is enough for meeting the demand for the production of banknotes for two or three relatively large countries.

Moreover, Goznak does not simply increase the volume of production of security paper the company enhances its capabilities of production of paper with a complex structure intended for the production of banknotes and security documents with the most cutting-edge and hi-tech security features.

The launch of the new production site will enable Goznak to execute most complicated orders in the domestic and international markets of security products and successfully compete with the leading manufacturers of the world. Today there are only five or six paper mills with similar equipment and technologies in the world.

Another peculiarity of the new production site is its high level of automatization. Automatic quality control will be carried out at all the paper production stages; it will help to increase the labor efficiency, decrease the raw stock losses and operating expenses considerably.    

During the construction of the new production complex, special attention was paid to the environment protection. In particular, a closed cycle of technical water application was provided; that will decrease the amount of water extraction from the Kama River and reduce the load on sewage treatment plants of the town of Krasnokamsk signficantly.  

For reference:
Goznak is celebrating its 200th anniversary in 2018. The companys history started in Saint Petersburg in 1818, the Expedition of Storing State Papers (Goznak since 1919) was created by the decree of Emperor Alexander I specially for the production of paper money.

The Expedition of Storing State Papers became the only enterprise in the Russian Empire producing banknotes, bond certificates, letter-headed paper and other security products. At the Expedition, all stages of money production, starting with sheet formation and up to the design development and further printing were united into one production complex for the first time.  

Goznak has preserved and multiplied the best traditions of the Expedition. Today the company carries out a whole cycle of works connected with the production and organization of circulation of security products and competes in the Russian and international markets successfully.

Goznak incorporates eight branches: the Saint Petersburg Paper Mill, the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill, the Moscow Printing Factory, the Perm Printing Factory, the Moscow Printing Works, the Saint Petersburg Mint, the Moscow Mint and the Scientific Research Institute.

More than seven thousand high-skilled professionals are employed at the company; there are representatives of labor dynasties among them.

The production capacities of the company make it possible to produce 11 thousand tons of security banknote paper, 7 billion banknotes, 3.5 billion coins, up to 40 million passports, 30 45 billion postage stamps (depending on the stamp size and the printing technology) as well as the necessary quantity of federal special and excise stamps and other products per year. The yearly volume of the companys production amounts to 46 billion roubles.

The company occupies 11-12% of the international commercial market of banknotes and is one of the five worlds largest exporters of security products.

Goznaks history in Krasnokamsk started in the 1930s. The Krasnokamsk Paper Mill produced the first lot of paper in 1936.

Today the Krasnokamsk Paper Mill is a modern dynamically developing enterprise producing 120 different kinds of paper. The mill produces special paper with watermarks, security threads and other security features. Among the general kinds of paper produced at the mill, there is paper basis for the production of vynil wallcoverings (on paper and fliseline basis), packing paper, paper for copying devices, laser and inkjet printing devices, offset paper for the modern printing etc. Products of the paper mill have been popular among the largest printing, wallpaper and packing enterprises of Russia, countries of the CIS and foreign states for many years.  
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